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zolz entertainment - rick zolzerRick Zolzer has been entertaining the Hudson Valley region for more than 25 years. An accomplished musician, he became widely known by playing in several area bands.

His musical interests and quick wit naturally merged as he has become the most widely-known DJ in the Hudson Valley. He has demonstrated his DJ mastery at many of the areas night spots, including Joe's in New Paltz, and Miracles in Wappingers Falls. For almost a decade, Zolz was responsible for all the entertainment at Let's Dance in Poughkeepsie, the single hottest night spot in the Valley. As a result of his association with Let's Dance, it wasn't long before the local radio stations came knocking. 

zolz entertainment - rick zolzer

He can currently be heard daily bringing his own special style of humorous and acerbic sports reporting every morning m-f at 8:40am WRWD , and every afternoon at 5:15pm on Z93. He has also been a consultant to numerous affiliated and nonaffiliated professional baseball teams, to bring his unique style of fun to stadiums throughout the Northeast.


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