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DAVIE VAN DE WATER ("DAVIE V.")   Professional DJ for over 25 Years

THE NIGHT LIFE : In the 80’s, Davie V  was an up and coming DJ at the hottest nightclub in the Hudson Valley, Let's Dance.  His crowning achievement was bringing the Guitar Player from Hell contest to the area.  Entertaining and keeping the crowd energized is never a question when Davie has the mic.

RADIO DAYS : Davie graduated from the Center for the Media Arts in Manhattan.  He was a weekend warrior for WPDH and later went on to the overnight shift on K104. 

PROFESSIONAL SPORTS : Davie was the Director of Marketing and Sales and the voice of the Adirondack Lumberjacks Professional Baseball Team.  He brought the "Zolz" style of fun to Adirondack Region.  Making independent baseball a family fun environment was the top priority for Davie and he did just that.  Every now and then, when Zolz needs a night off at the Renegades games you can catch Davie in action and the fun stays right on track.   Why?... because "FUN IS GOOD"!

LET'S GET PERSONAL : Davie has lived in the Hudson Valley for 95.12% of his life.  He truly enjoys entertaining the Hudson Valley.  His knowledge of music, mixing skills and humor make any party that Davie plays a blast. He enjoys playing as much golf as humanly possible and spending time with his family.  Davie has been entertaining the Hudson Valley for over 20 years and he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. 


ZOLZ ENTERTAINMENT - kevin mcguireKEVIN MCGUIRE Professional DJ for 1 year

EXPERIENCE: Kevin is expertly  trained in the art of carrying and setting up DJ equipment. As the rookie on the staff, the majority of Kevin’s work has been watching the veterans do their thing, and working as an assistant. However, he is still way better than an iPod.

NIGHTLIFE: Kevin’s experience related to night life revolves mostly around paying cover charges and listening to other DJ’s do their thing. Kevin is hoping that someday people will pay him to come to the bars, rather than his current arrangement...It’s better on the bank account and easier to meet the girls!

RADIO: Kevin’s radio experience is very similar to his nightlife experience. Kevin has been able to successfully turn on his radio every morning. On one occasion he even went on a field trip to watch Zolz do the sports report live in the studio at WPDH. 

PROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Kevin works as the director of Promotions and Entertainment for the Hudson Valley Renegades. Working closely with Zolz, Kevin has gained some valuable experience learning how to entertain huge crowds. His daily responsibilities are to make sure the fans at the Dutch are having a good time, just imagine what he can do for your next party.

LET'S GET PERSONAL: Kevin is simple man, that enjoys long walks on the beach, fuzzy slippers, and drinks with small umbrellas in them.  Kevin’s life goals are to move out of his mothers basement within the next 6 months. Fun Fact: Kevin once spent a night in the hospital because he ingested hot dogs that completely burned his stomach lining.


zolz entertainment - stephen colvinSTEPHEN COLVIN   ("DJ SIZZLE") Professional DJ for over 15 years

EXPERIENCE: Stephen has covered everything from school dances, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate parties, to karaoke parties, birthdays & weddings. If there’s a reason to party, Stephen is available. Since he currently plays for 500 kids every Friday at Connecticut’s Sportscenter and Mahoney’s in Poughkeepsie, he manages to keep up with all the new music.

THE NIGHT LIFE: Stephen has played all over the Hudson Valley and Connecticut. From Shenanigans to McGillicuddy’s to Mad Hatter to Club DV8 to Mariner’s Harbor on the Hudson to Mahoney’s Irish Pub in Poughkeepsie where you can find him every other weekend. He also hosts karaoke at Whitney Bar & Grille and Playwright, which are both in Hamden, CT.

RADIO DAYS: Stephen was a DJ on 101.5 WPDH from 1996 to 1999 covering every shift from the Morning Show to the Overnight. Saturday night’s he hosted his own show, The Classic Rock Party, from 7 to midnight. In 1999, he moved over to 92.7/96.9 WRRV until he moved out of the area in December of 2004

PROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Stephen went to the Hudson Valley Renegades in 1999 where he was the PA Booth assistant. One day Zolz walked out of the booth and handed him the microphone and Stephen’s career in PA work got started.  He worked in Hudson Valley from 1999-2004 and in the summer of 2006 as the Entertainment Director as well as being backup for the Zolz for ten years. He worked for the Catskill Cougars in 2000 as their PA Announcer and moved to New Haven in 2004 to run the Promotions and bring life to that franchise as their PA Announcer and also was the PA guy for the Danbury Trashers.  Most recently he helped open the TD Bank Sportscenter for Quinnipiac University. He handled all entertainment and promotions for 60 games of Men’s & Women’s Basketball and Hockey for 3 seasons.

LET'S GET PERSONAL: Ever since he was a kid doing character voices and causing chaos in Elementary School to entertaining thousands of fans in Sports Entertainment for over a decade, his main goal remains the same, and that is to entertain his audience. He hosts karaoke and DJ’s in Connecticut and travels home on the weekends to DJ all over the valley because he loves it. It’s just that simple...



ZOLZ ENTERTAINEMTN -jeffrey helionJEFFREY HELION  Professional DJ for over 4 years.

EXPERIENCE:  Jeff has been a member of Zolz Entertainment for over 4 years, working smaller events, Sweet 16’s, and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

THE NIGHT LIFE:  For 2 years, Jeff was a guest DJ at Ice Time Sports in Newburgh.  He can also be found on weekends at various establishments in the Hudson Valley and New York City, listening to his favorite DJ’s to do “homework” to enhance his DJ “game”.  Although he can’t tell you how many beats per minute a song has off the top of his head, he can give you a list of the latest club hits…and can kick it with old school too.

PROFESSIONAL SPORTS:  Jeff has been the Director of Game Day Promotions for the Army Black Knights at the United States Military Academy since October 2007.  There he oversees all music played at any of West Point’s athletic events, including Tate Rink for Army Hockey and Christl Arena with Army Basketball.  When a P.A. guy is needed, he even blesses the microphones of West Point with his golden pipes.  He has worked in stadiums ranging from the NFL to Little League.  In addition, he has spent 7 seasons with the Hudson Valley Renegades serving in roles as the Entertainment Director and Coordinator of On-field Promotions.Zolz Entertainment - better than ipod division

LET'S GET PERSONAL:  Before college, Jeff really had no idea what he wanted to do in life, other than work in baseball…that lead to the summer of 2004.  Jeff walked into the Renegades office as a naive 19 year, old trying to beef up his resume, when he was introduced to Zolz and Stevie C.  Learning that he could make a living by playing games andmaking people laugh, Jeff soon developed what some call the “Peter Pan Syndrome” which is the personal mantra of our fearless leader the Zolz. Now fast forward 7 years…he has moved on to bigger venues, but still keeps the core values at heart, that he learned way back when.

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