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Rick Zolzer has provided fun and his own brand of entertainment at over one thousand functions: Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Corporate parties for everyone.

As the Voice of the Renegades, WRWD Sports, and at one time the New Jersey Nets and Army Football, he has entertained up to 45,000 people at a time and over half a million people in one year. With his vast entertainment experience, your Wedding will be a snap.

Entertainment is the most important piece of your party budget. In most cases, a DJ costs less than 10% of your catering bill but represents 100% of the fun! If the food is cold or atmosphere isn't right, the event will be a success if you've selected the right DJ. With the experience of having worked hundreds of events in the Hudson Valley, Zolz Entertainment is your choice for a fun and professional event, including Mitzvahs, Corporate Events and more...

The Zolz has done it all, and he comes prepared with a collection of over 12,000 songs - from the Stone Age to the Present - for every event.

In addition to Rick, Zolz Entertainment has an experienced staff to service any DJ need for any occasion. Visit "The Crew" for more information about each DJ at Zolz Entertainment.

“As the Voice of the Renegades, WRWD Sports, and at one time the NewJersey Nets and Army Football, he has enterrtained up to 45,000 people at a time and over half a million people in one year. With his vast entertainment experience, your Wedding will be a snap.”

Sound designs for special times
among the many decisions you need to make as a newly engaged couple is the kind of wedding reception you want to have.

At ZOLZ ENTERTAINMENT we can create the kind of event you envision using the music and entertainment to set the mood and tone of your party. From your first dance as a couple to the final dance of the evening, you will have a wonderful time and so will your guests.

No doubt, the Disc Jockey is one of the most vital parts of your wedding ceremony. From the moment you enter into the reception area as a married couple, the DJ will be responsible not only for the welcome music but also for the music of the first dances and the general evening wedding celebrations. A DJ is the most important entertainment choice and can set the celebration mood for you as well as the people attending your special wedding day. Having a good DJ is more than just playing music and here are some reasons why:

DJ's are as important as your wedding ceremony itself
It is your wedding and of course, it can be custom-designed to fit the mood and theme you are creating for you and your guests. Second only to the ceremony music, the wedding reception music sets the tone for the entire celebration. The music your DJ plays is basically meant to be sort of 'fill in the gaps' during the non-¬speaking periods. It is to meant to make your guests feel the way you want them to feel. Whether romance is the air you want to create or you are going for straight-up party atmosphere, the music is the essential ingredient for background and featured sections of the reception - from introductions to cake and on to the final dance.

DJ's are responsible to end the celebration on the right note
Yes, the DJ's can actually shape a beautiful ending by playing the song of your choice or one the DJ thinks will spellbound the guests, TAKING memories of your great wedding along with them. Choosing and playing the last song is just like the last play of a football game. It goes with you when you leave. Think of a couple of options for the last song you self or leave it to us to make the right selection. Either way, you won't be disappointed when The Zolz is at the wheel.

You can always rely on your DJ to cover the moments when you are not available to attend your guests
A DJ knows best how to entertain your guests. If you have a crowd that is just tearing it up at the end of the night, the DJ knows best to just let it flow and end the night on a very high note. But if you have a lot of couples left at the end of the night and everyone is pretty tired out from the long day of partying, The DJ ends the night on a slow song to relax the crowd a bit and yet make the perfect last song.

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